Monday, January 27, 2014

Medical Form Away

So, I put off sending out the medical form for a couple days, as I thought I could email it to myself at work.  I got it back on Friday after work, so I wasn't putting it off long.  I got in to work and went over to the multi-function printer and tried to email it.  For some reason, I can't enter email addresses to the To or From or any of that.  It kept complaining that I didn't have anything in there.  I even tried so much as rebooting the stupid thing.  Still no luck.  So, either I don't have the permissions to email from that, or it's broken.  Either could be it.

Anyway, I figure, fine, there's gotta be a place I can scan this thing somewhere.  I go on Google and it tells me to go to FedEx, even found one that's not too far off my normal way home.  So, end of the day I head over there.  I end up passing by my old place of work, the East Rutherford Operating Center (EROC) of the Federal Reserve.  The song playing at the time? Honey I'm Home by Shania Twain. :)

I head in and there's 2 multi-function printers in the self service area.  I first try one, then the other.  They both complain about not being able to send it out.  So I ask the guy behind the counter. "Yeah, those don't send, you have to use the computers in the back".... >:(  .  Would have been nice for them to put a stupid sign, or better yet, disable that function.

So, I go to the back and waste another 5 minutes scanning it in and sending it to myself and making sure it went through.  Got home and sent it in.  I am one step closer to Mars.  Totally worth the aggravation, as long as I get to complain about it. :)

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