Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mars One 2: The Dream Lives On

So, as I've mentioned a couple times, a few months back I applied to go to Mars in 2023 (since postponed to 2025) and guess what? I actually made it to the next round of selections.  That's right, I'm one of Mars One's 1058.  I found out a couple weeks ago and I've thought of posting something on here but I got out of the habit of updating this blog (as it just became more of a food journal and I've stopped caring about keeping one).

So, woohoo!!!

Course, I still haven't done any news interviews, unlike most of the 1058 but I've been keeping pretty active on the Facebook groups.  I'd be fine doing some interviews to toot my own horn but the others of the 1058 have proven themselves to be more than capable to toot the horn of the project itself.

I just think I'd be better at doing some more out of the box items like going to Time Square for New Years Eve with a sign that says "I may be going to Mars in 2025, ask me how", something I was really considering doing on Dec 30th, or trying to get on the Daily Show.

I'm probably not going to worry about it, at least not until next round when they'd be more likely to care about the people who made it that far than just the project itself.  The project is great, this isn't me being egotistical or anything, I just think I'm the only one who can toot my horn but the orchestra pit for the project is a bit full at the moment.

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