Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Guy at Work V Mars

So, we got a new guy on the team at work yesterday.  He is technically replacing Alberto, who was fired after about 6 months or so due to, for lack of a better word, incompetence (not my choice, but ok).  In practice, he's more going to be replacing Dannielle who left a few weeks ago for a better position (in her field and all that good stuff).

Anyway, as most of you know, I applied to go to Mars a few months ago.  I'm still waiting to hear back.  We (about 4 of us that have been on the team a while, the new guy was in the room as well) were talking about how long we've been working there and all that and I brought up that, if I'm still working there a year from next month, it will be my longest job.  Someone had indicated they hoped I would still be there next year, and I brought up my Mars application as a possible (though nowhere near the only) reason for me not to be.

Long story short (too late), this lead to a rather weird conversation between me and the new guy at lunch which went something like this:

"If you got accepted, would you really go?"
"yes" cause I love applying for things I have no intention of taking if I get.
"but why?"
"it's Mars" duh
"have you lived your whole life in the US"
"I've lived my whole life in NJ" other than my time in the navy
"maybe you should go and see more of the world"
"yea, cause going to Canada is exactly like going to Mars"
"well, maybe like Africa, you could see how things are when you don't have everything you'd need, plus there's dust everywhere"
"I imagine that would be part of the training process"
"but you also need some practice running from the big animals" I SWEAR TO GOD
"there's no life on Mars"
"according to who?"
"according to about, what, 80 years of people sending satelites and rovers to look at Mars"
"well, there could be life under ground"
"if there is any life at all on Mars, it would be those extremophiles" or whatever they're called
"you are thinking like you'd have the whole planet to yourself, you and the 39 others, but what if you don't like the locals"

Now, he does have an accent, and I'm terrible with accents, but, seriously, where do they find these people.  Thing is, I'm pretty sure they said that he was originally from the Dominican Republic, which is where Alberto was originally from as well.  Now, I try not to judge a book by the cover, or, in this case, the publisher, but seriously...

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