Thursday, July 4, 2013

Too Jaded for Fireworks

So, today, instead of spending time on the treadmill, I had decided to walk the 2.5 miles or so (each way) to the field where they were doing fireworks tonight.  This was the closest place that I could find (on the first fireworks guide I found on Google) and parking is always crazy near these events so I figured why not.  To treat myself, I got 3 Doritos Locos Tacos on the way (cause Taco Bell is already on the way between my place and the field in question).  I ate two on the way (very messy and I forgot to bring napkins; though the condensation on my 2 liters of water were useful).

I got there around 6:45 for the fireworks at 9:15.  I brought my usual care package of my kindle (the regular one, not the kindle fire), my DS, my PSP, and my MP3 player.  I used the MP3 player on the way there but only the kindle while there.  So I spent half the time under a tree reading, then went for a walk for a bit (yes, I grasped the irony even as I was getting up) and settled more towards the center of the field for the other half of the wait.  I would have gotten some Italian ice but I couldn't find the place people were getting it from and I didn't want it enough to bother asking.  I don't have social anxiety disorder anymore but I still have the habits.

So, long about 9:15 they started with the fireworks.  For some reason, half the ones they shot off were low atmosphere (or whatever the ones that are closer to the horizon are called) which were wasted seeing as how most people couldn't see the due to the tree and the people that were standing through the whole thing (a couple of which were like 10 feet right in front of me).  There were a few new ones they came out with this year, smiley faces and hearts.  Most of the smiley faces were turned sideways or bunched up because they were launched wrong; and I think most of the hearts came out like squares (at least I think the squares were supposed to be hearts).  Most noticeably, my favorite type, the ones that puff out like dandelions and then flicker out, were completely absent, though some of their cousins were in town.

I don't know, there's just something about fireworks.  I remember spending most of the time as a kid while watching them holding my hands over my ears (or having my sister or parents doing it).  I started watching them again a few years back figuring I'd appreciate them better now that the sound doesn't bother me as much.  Personally, I think it's a bit of a waste to go 3 hours ahead of time to watch something that only lasts 15 minutes, then fight the crowds to get home and go to bed, only to go to work the next day.

Coming home, I was with the crowd for the first half mile or so, as most people decided NOT to park right there and have to fight the crowds just to get out of the parking spot to fight the crowds of people trying to get to where they parked their cars, away from the crowds.  After that, it was pretty lit, other than a few stretches, so, despite the fact that I'm a girl walking alone at night, it was surprisingly not scary or even all that risky.  I did walk past a couple with a dog discussing her recreational drug use, but nothing came of it.

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