Monday, June 3, 2013

The Annoying Guy at Work

So, a while back, they were starting to hire a new guy at work.  I had only just started a few months before this.  They were looking for someone who could serve as a maternity substitute for one of the perms on the team.  I kind of got the impression that I could manage to take on the responsibility of this new role, without it overly taxing my current one, or they could more easily find someone to take my position and I could go into this new role.  I didn't say anything though, in part because I didn't want to draw attention to my limited workload and partly because I never saw the actual job description and partly because I had only just started there a few months prior.

Anyway, they hired someone long about in September.  The guy is from the Dominican Republic; English is one of many languages he speaks and his humor doesn't translate very well.  I honestly found him rather annoying from the first moment I met him, but I got used to him over time and, as long as I limited my exposure and was never alone with him for longer than a few minutes at a time, we got along fine.  Most other people got annoyed with him over time, to the point where they just couldn't stand him.  The four of us temps would still go down to get breakfast together and eat lunch together, despite nobody really liking him.

To make matters worse, he was rather incompetent at his job.  I'm not saying he was incompetent at everything or anything like that, but at the job he was hired to do, he was. He was meant to be a semi-collaborative developer but whenever he edited code or queries, he completely forgot what changes he made so people couldn't replicate it on the final products or test the code he did.  When he was given other tasks, they had to be explained to him several times and often he'd do something the way he incorrectly interpreted it.  It was almost like he wasn't that fluent in English.

Granted, most of these issues I got second hand.  Work wise, the only involvement I had with him was near the end and I was only having him test out some of my code because he got a later version of laptop (64bit to my 32bit) so it ran through it about 4 times as fast.  I also needed someone outside of me to test it out as this would probably be used by more people more often than some of my other code.

So, the point of this whole thing is, over the past couple months they've been trying him out on some of the more redundant tasks in the hopes that he'd be at least semi-useful at those.  He wasn't.  It got to the point that, except for running a few macros that are completely point and click (open this file, run this macro, copy files here), he wasn't doing anything.  This culminated in his being fired on Friday.

I got in to work today and found an email from one of the leads saying that Friday had been his last day.  It's always weird when someone is let go off of a team when they've been there a while and there wasn't really much definitive warning.  Yeah, I kind of figured he was going to go as they had been asking me to pick up some of his daily macro runnings, but no one straight out said "yes, we're firing him, he'll be gone by x".  That's the thing about contract work.  You hardly ever get any notice you're going to be let go (except occasionally when it's for cause, or maybe by rumors that I never hear), no severance, no nothing.  One day you have a job and things are fine, the next you are editing your resume.  One of the many reason why I either want to get on salary somewhere, win the lottery, or marry an aristocrat.  As it is, I'm stuck on contract work, and probably will be until I retire, cause that's the way the job market is heading.

I know, woe is me, he's the one that got fired.  I do feel sorry for the guy, but I won't miss him.

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