Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Oasis is Gone

So, back in late October, there was this thing that hit my area.  They called it Sandy.  I was lucky, compared to some.  I lost power for a little over a week and had an accident that was only slightly related (was trying to turn off 17 only ended up in a gas line instead; got hit by a truck as I was turning out of it to get around).  Work never lost power but for the first couple days it was "essential personnel only".  During that time, the only source of power I had (other than my car) was a Verizon store that was on 17.  They never lost power and I was able to charge my phone there (the lack of reception killed the battery in it overnight the first night).  I saw "was" because I noticed, on the way home today, that it's closed.  Granted, I only went there for a couple of the nights of that week, the rest of the time I either put up without power or went to the McDonald's a little further down 17 that got power back soon after (or never lost power, but I didn't see it having power before that), but still, it's a bit of a shame.

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