Thursday, June 27, 2013

More ideas that will never get made

TV Show:  Drama around the lives of intelligence agents that run missions from a central location (like CIA headquarters).  Usually spy shows focus on the agents that actually go around the world to run the field side of the ops, but this doesn't really make sense from a budgetary standpoint.  The field agents would more likely be local people, or at least stationed in the region, that run ops in those areas.  So, this focuses on the people directing these field agents, who will be recurrings and red shirts, from Langley or wherever.  Not just the spying side, but the politics of the office and how the stress and secrecy of their professional life effects their personal ones.

Movie: A virus infects the entire world.  Once a person is infected, if they go to sleep, they die.

Technology:  Touch screen technology integrated into synthetic skin, paired with a low powered shock system to stimulate the nerves of the related area on a person.  This would allow for transmission of touch sensation from an android to a human operator.

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