Monday, May 27, 2013

The NOC List

So, every once in a while I get an idea for a show, movie, or book.  Today, I got an idea for a new show.  I call it "The NOC List".  It's a drama about two CIA/Freelance NOC spies.  Their cover is that they're married.  The show would probably start with them first meeting and getting the assignment (they're like different classes out of the farm or something).  They probably hate each other to start but then fall in love over the course of the first season.  Anyway, the only contact they have with the actual CIA (or whatever agency) is their handler.  Think Mission Impossible without the team or The Americans but they're the good guys and without the FBI side.  The guy is the weapons and demolitions specialists, the girl is infiltrations (computers, electronics, and safe cracking... think the girl on Breaking In... better if it actually was her but, whatever).  Anyway, the thing is, the show shouldn't focus on the missions themselves, but on the interaction between them and with their cover life.  More of a person focus than a mission focus, like with Rookie Blue and the Good Wife.  The missions can be episodic or whatever, but with the overall drama being serial.

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