Saturday, May 11, 2013

Parking Courtesy

So, I went to the mall today.  No real reason beyond wanting to do something a little different.  I can't really find sheath dresses at Wal-Mart or Target, so I figure I'd see if I went down a size.  I didn't.

Anyway, the mall by me (Westfield, or something like that) is a bit on the large size, and has a huge parking lot.  Thing is, 90% of it (may be an exaggeration) is for valet parking only.  I'm extremely cheap, so there's no way I'm paying $10 for someone else to do something I'm perfectly capable of doing.  So, after getting lost in the valet parking only area, to the point of even leaving the area completely, I finally found the area where you can park yourself.

For those of you who DON'T live in a(slightly) over crowded part of the world, parking can be a bit annoying.  People go up and down the lanes and, when they see someone that looks like they're about to go to their car and pull out, will stop in the middle of the lane and wait.  They don't care that the cars behind them are trying to find parking spots of their own.

When I found someone actually getting into their car, I pulled off to the side as much as I could and put my blinker on.  This is how you're supposed to do it.  I gave plenty of room to the cars that were behind me to get around me.  When I was pulling out?  The guy that claimed my spot, I straight out signaled for him to pull off to the side.  I should have just gone out behind my car and stood there till he did, but by that time I just wanted to leave.

I mean, come on, it's just common courtesy.  Do unto others what you want done unto you, not what others already do unto you.

Oh well, it gave me something to blog about, and I got a pretzel while I was at it.

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