Monday, May 13, 2013

Nothing more to say

As usual, I have nothing else worth adding. 

On my way home from work, there was a huge accident on 17.  There were 2 fire trucks and a cop car.  The traffic was backed up for a good couple blocks too.  This was at around 4 so not even really rush hour yet.  Fortunately (for me; I hope no one was seriously hurt there) it was on the South bound side and I was going North.

I often feel lucky, I just never actually am lucky.

"Where are we?" "I don't know, the tomb of Athena?" "I thought we were already in the tomb" "I think that was the lobby"

If I'm going to start going on the treadmill higher than 5 mph, I'm going to need to start wearing a sports bra.  I usually don't bother wearing any.

As I said, nothing WORTH adding.  This is why I never bothered keeping a journal or blog for more than a couple days.

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