Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night, I had yet another bought of insomnia.  For some reason, it usually hits on Monday nights.  No clue why.  I keep the same bed time both during the week and on the weekend; only difference is I sleep in instead of waking up at 7.  Just, every once in a while, I wake up at 2 or so and don't get back to sleep till like 6.  I just get all humid and can't seem to get back to sleep.  I rather wish I could afford to just call in tired those days.  Course, I had meetings half of today anyway so I would have had to go in even if I could.

I know, woe is me.  I only have ONE job and it pays so well I can live alone in the greater NYC area.  Shame that I go a night or two a year without a full night's sleep.  I just always compare what is to my view of how things should be.  I SHOULD be able to take a shower after walking on the treadmill, but instead I have to wait an hour to stop sweating so the shower is actually worth taking.

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